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Freck's At Home Express Facial

Your esthetician is quarantined and so are you. You stare at your pores in the mirror, hoping you can muster the strength not to pick while we wait out these next couple weeks.. months...? Maybe your skin started breaking out because of covid anxiety, or maybe personal hygiene has gone out the window since no one sees you anyway? (We get it, no judgment.) We asked Liv, Freck Beauty’s on-call esthetician, to put together an at-home quarantine facial broken down into a few easy steps that anyone can follow.


A double cleanse with warm water is the best bet. Once to remove surface dirt and the other to make sure you’re cleaning below the surface. Sometimes I like to use a make-up removing cleanser first such as Hydropeptides Makeup Melt, but tbh you're probably not wearing all that much makeup these days. Freck Beauty just launched MUGSHOT Cactus Cleansing Gel & I'm loving this formula because it's 100% non-sudsing, meaning it's nourishing your skin while cleansing it. It's also fragrance-, alcohol-, phthalate-free, and great for sensitive skin & eyes. CACTUS WATER Lactic Acid Cleansing Toner has always been my favorite Freck product and this double-cleanse-duo works together to get you squeaky clean without throwing off the skin's natural pH.

Freck Beauty MUGSHOT PH Balanced Cactus Cleansing Gel
 | Freck Beauty CACTUS WATER Lactid Acid Cleansing Toner 


This is an even deeper exfoliation that works on all skin types. It helps to break down dead skin on the epidermis and emulsifies sebum in the pores to help with the extraction process. You should never do extractions without using a desincrustation treatment beforehand. My suggestion is to let this solution sit on the skin for 5-10 minutes, and cover your face with a warm towel. If you’re lucky enough to have a personal steamer at home, even better.

You can also make an at-home desincrustation by mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 8 oz of distilled water if you want to DIY it. :)

R.D Alchemy Natural Products Desincrustation Solution 


I always tell people to proceed with caution when doing at-home extractions. Be sure your skin is hydrated before embarking on this journey. Drink plenty of water. All extractions will come out easier if the skin is supple and soft. Like I said earlier, make sure you’re using plenty of steam or a warm compress to soften the pores enough to make extractions easier. Double wrap your fingers in tissue, change tissue after each extraction to minimize the spread of bacteria and do not dig into the skin with your nails. Gently encourage the blackheads to come out, and make sure the skin is soft and warm during this process, but just know you won’t be getting them all, and that’s perfectly normal and okay. The worst thing to do is extract on dry tight skin, as this will definitely cause scaring. I have a general rule that if I try twice and a blackhead does not want to come out, leave it alone. Going too aggressive on the skin will only cause more problems. Leave cysts and whiteheads alone, but use a spot treatment to minimize them such as:

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion


Not many people really understand the true use of a toner. In the treatment room, it is important to use a toner after extractions. The main reason is to help kill any excess bacteria left on the skin from extractions. It also helps the skin maintain an equal pH balance, meaning the skin is neither too dry or too oily. There are all different types of toners, but here is one that is great to use after extractions and before your masking treatment.

HydroPeptide Pre-Treatment Face Toner 


There are many different choices for masks. Choose one that is best for your skin type & leave it on for 7- 10 minutes. If you are on the drier side you can use a hydrating mask and even sleep in it! Freck's FORECLAY Cactus Clay Mask is a great mask for all skin types, it moisturizes while pulling toxins from the skin & helps to close pores. This rounds out your at-home facial, make sure to follow with a moisturizer of your choice! 

Freck Beauty FORECLAY Cactus Clay Mask


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