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Freck Goes Down Under


We're officially down under! 

Freck has flown over that big blue Pacific and finally landed in Australia! And considering that Oz is *fourth* largest market, we are so excited to be here! Find us @ Glam Raider, your one-stop-shop for the entire Freck line. We've gathered a few of our favorite Australian ladies below to spill their favorite Freck product and showcase some of their best looks :) 


Emma Chen (L), Ariarne (R)

Emma Chen | @emmachenartistry

Where do you live? Brisbane, Queensland
Favorite product? Freck OG
What do you like about Freck? I love being able to enhance people's features and Freck products have always allowed me to capture the essential look for the Australian lifestyle. I love how Freck OG is so buildable, and adding in freckles after foundation allows for a natural finish. It also showcases our beautiful features, (such as freckles and moles) that make each of us unique.  


Tanielle (L), Tia (R)

Tanielle Jai | @taniellejaimua

Where do you live? Brisbane, Queensland
Favorite product? Freck OG
What do you like about Freck? It is the perfect product for adding super natural-looking freckles, which are really on-trend at the moment. Here in Australia, we love the sun-kissed skin look and my makeup is all about making skin look natural. Freck OG allows me to create incredible natural-looking freckles quickly and easily, which is really important when you are on a shoot and working to tight deadlines.  I also use it to touch up moles and beauty spot as it gives me a beautiful natural finish without a heavily made-up feel. 


@tatianaroseart (L), @abbeystojmua (R)


Kimberry Behets | @kimberryberry

Where do you live? Perth, Western Australia
Favorite product? So Jelly and Freck OG
What do you like about Freck? I LOVE Freck because I'm natural ginger-haired with freckles, so when I wear makeup or my natural freckles are really faint I can bring them back to life and style them on my face. Freck helped me fall in love with my own freckles again. 


Emily | @skyn.diary

Where do you live? Byron Bay, NSW
Favorite product? Freck OG
What do you like about Freck? I’m obsessed with Freck! As a naturally freckle-ridden gal, I don’t quite feel myself with a lot of foundation on. Alas, sometimes a full-face is a necessity, so I love that Freck OG adds back my little sun kisses and helps keep my skin looking natural, no matter the makeup. 

@shaaanxo *from NZ (L), @junecrees (R)


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