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Doja Cat's E-Girl Makeup Routine With Freck OG

Doja Cat’s been on our radar for a while, not only for her music (we love a song about a cow-print outfit), but also her doe-eyed e-girl makeup looks.  

What’s an e-girl? Inspired by anime, video games & memes, among a million other things, e-girls are all about blush, long lashes, freckles & bright colors. 

And, as the faux-freckled cherry on top, one staple of her signature look is Freck OG. Here’s what Vogue had to say...

“A surprising twist? Her skill for creating faux freckles using Freck OG longwear freckle makeup. ‘It’s so easy,’ she explains as she dots it on, picks up the color with the pad of her finger, and stamps the excess onto features like supernatural constellations.”

See the full vid here. Then get on Doja Cat’s level and scoop yourself a Freck OG (or two).

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