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When it comes to makeup looks, it’s easy to become a perfectionist—whether you need your eyeliner to be super precise or your lips overlined to a T, it takes a lot to achieve the flawless, pristine, impeccable work of art that is… you. And don’t get me wrong—keep doing you, queens! But I'd like to talk more about embracing the beauty in the imperfect, and the fun in playing it fast and loose with your makeup.


So, let’s talk faux frecks. 



FRECK OG didn’t break the internet so we could confine ourselves to any one makeup look—she broke the internet so we could do whatever tf we wanted. And FRECK XL is working the same vibe. At nearly 2.5 times the size of OG, XL provides even more room for experimentation. So, get ready to play around with these faux freckle vibes that add a little extra somethin’ to any makeup look, perfect or not.


First up, a classic faux freck face that never disappoints



Sprinkle dots of all shapes and sizes across your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. Tap out quickly all over and pair with CHEEKSLIME for a low key cottage core, high key cute AF vibe.


Next we have our CEO and founder, Remi’s go-to



Apply FRECK XL in clusters around your temples and the highpoints of your cheeks for an unconventional, yet hella natural-looking contour. The way the faux frecks sit on your temples, like they’re simply the result of a day well-spent in the sun really brings home the vacation skin look. 


Next, let’s emphasize the eyes



For those days you want to draw focus to that impeccable cat-eye or highlight that intense blue flame liner, simply applying FRECK XL in constellations around the eyes is thee cherry on top. 

Lastly, who doesn’t love a beauty mark?



Whether you’re going au naturel or serving a full beat, one or more strategically placed beauty mark can elevate any look. So, grab your XL and rock the classic Marilyn or channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw.


Remember these looks are just a few options out of all the possibilities that FRECK XL holds, and they’re only meant to be rough guidelines.

Freckles aren’t meant to be perfect and neither were you, so wear your faux frecks however and wherever tf you want.

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