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NOIR Creator Spotlight: @looksbyotto

At HQ we pinch ourselves every day, overwhelmed by the love and artistry coming out of the creators who make up the Freck Fam.

In celebration of the launch of our newest bb,
FRECK NOIR, for the next few weeks we’re pulling back the curtain and going bts with some of our favorite creators. 

First up is Autumn Cain, aka @looksbyotto.

From frost fairy to alien-chic, this bold baddie is known for her fierce, graphic style. With an Instagram grid of wall-to-wall close-ups, her talent and technique are undeniable. Not to mention, her frecks are fresh as hell.



FRECK: What inspired you to begin creating content and what’s your favorite content to create?
AUTUMN: I’ve been doing makeup on my own for around 4 years now, but I was inspired to start my own page the summer of 2019 after I did my makeup for prom! My favorite content by far is editorial makeup. I love out of the box looks, taking foreign concepts and turning them into something beautiful. I was inspired to switch my style over to editorial looks by another amazing artist Amanda, @naezrahlooks! I take inspiration from the mundane things around me, for finding beauty everywhere is the best way to stay happy!

FRECK: What does shade expansion in beauty mean to you?
AUTUMN: Shade expansion in beauty to me means that people of color, BIPOC especially, are having their voices heard. We deserve to have easy access to beauty products, and not have to worry about whether our shade will be available. BIPOC have pioneered the beauty industry for years, and it's relieving to see more and more diversity!

FRECK: How would you describe your FRECK NOIR style?
AUTUMN: My freckle style is definitely a heavy natural! I love a blown out look but a lot of people think they’re my natural freckles.

FRECK: Is there a dream product that you wish existed?
AUTUMN: My dream product would definitely be a freckle spray. Like for days I’m in a super rush but want freckles, a little spray bottle that instantly and evenly dispersed freckles would be SO cool! Either that or a color shifting liner that changed with temperature!

FRECK: Excluding NOIR, what is your desert island Freck Beauty product
AUTUMN: ABSOLUTELY would be the Rich B*tch moisturizer. I have really sensitive and dry skin, so I would definitely need a good moisturizer on a desert island!


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