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NOIR Creator Spotlight: @theeislandboi

Next up in our NOIR Creator series is Theo Turner,

aka @theeislandboi.

When it comes to famous beats, this international celebrity makeup artist works with high profile clients.. like that guy Usher, Teyana Taylor and more. And if talent weren’t enough, his snatched complexion gives us serious dew-envy.


Theo Turner @theeislandboi


FRECK: What inspired you to begin creating content & what’s your favorite content to create?
THEO: I have always been a creative and love to express myself through the arts. My favorite content to create empowers others to be their best self through skincare, makeup, fragrance or fashion. 

FRECK: What does shade expansion in beauty mean to you?
THEO: Shade expansion in the beauty industry is IMPERATIVE! Beauty is a space where ANY and EVERYONE should feel included, especially in terms of COLOR! EVERY color is beautiful and the lightest to the deepest shade deserves representation. 

FRECK: How would you describe your FRECK NOIR style?
THEO: My freckle style is solely dependent on my MOOD! As a visual artist I find beauty in the unconventional and I find freckles are a beautiful way to display that.

FRECK: Is there a dream product that you wish existed?
THEO: Hmmmm this is a good one! A dream product I wish existed would HANDS DOWN have to be a PH balancing foundation that morphed to perfectly match ANY SKINTONE! Literally a complexion ONE AND DONE.

FRECK: Excluding NOIR, what is your desert island Freck product?
THEO: My desert island FRECK product hands down is the Rich Bitch Moisturizer. This product is a savior for my dry skin and gives the healthiest glow. If I could sneak a second product it would for sure be “So Jelly” to make sure I don’t leave my eye area behind!


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  • Tracy

    This Noir is amazing. The slightly deeper pigment and ease of use make it a go to. Just when you think it can’t get any better it does! I like Rich bitch moisturizer and I only ever had a sample of the so jelly. I will be back for more!

  • Kelly

    I find this conversation very interesting. Because I’ve always “moisturized” but with Vaseline, yes Vaseline. For over 35-40 years I have used that on my face and it’s definitely done a decent job, but what it HAS NOT DONE is add a Natural Glow, and that’s what I’ve been searching for. I just received my first bottle of"Freck" and am extremely excited about giving that a try but I think I’ll be trying these products Rich bitch moisturizer and So Jelly that Theo has recommended FOR SURE! Thank y’all for everything and I’m sure that I’ll be a lifetime customer! Happy Days TOO ALL!! XOXOX

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