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Pinch Us, We're in Byrdie's Top 3


2012: When I was a wee Angelino in design school, I was an editorial intern for My Domaine during their launch. It was an exhilarating time of media, bloggers were getting huge for the first time, only the pioneers of digital publication were around, and I got to work in the same room as the brilliant minds behind Who What Wear. I remember during my interview I was so astonished to even be considered for the position.

During my time there, WWW launched Byrdie Beauty, one of the very first online publications dedicated to the fascinating world of Beauty. This was only a year after Into The Gloss came into the scene. Am I making myself sound old yet? At the time, it was just a couple babes running the beauty dept, and I am so thrilled to see how far they’ve come!

To see Rich Bitch gracing the face of Byrdie is a literal dream come true. Let alone for it to be one of their top three products of the month! I’m blushing. Thank you endlessly, Byrdie.

x Remi

"At first, I thought a product with such a sassy name would be trying to overcompensate for quality, but this is just not the case. It's rich and creamy but not waxy or weighed-down. It’s been the perfect fix to hydrate my skin just as the weather is starting to change. But, my favorite part of the product is actually the smell. It’s made with jojoba oil and rosemary leaf extract which creates this perfect light floral scent that gives me the feeling that my face is clean and my life is together. I need this as a fragrance!"
- Star Donaldson, associate social media editor on Rich Bitch


Jump over to Byrdie to read the full feature!

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