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Real Life Muses: Queen of Halloween, Linabugz


Guys..we have In the flesh (kinda?) 

We've sat down with who we think is the QUEEN of Halloween, Linabugz, to tell you why everyone is obsessed with the holiday. She's someone who's been doing this for years, and deems it acceptable to dress up all year round :)

Why do you think the beauty community is so obsessed with Halloween? I think Halloween has a similar essence as the beauty community. It’s all about transforming yourself into something completely different which is why I think a lot of us who are in it have always been naturally drawn to Halloween.

It seems like recently Halloween has gone from one day to a week to a whole month. Where do you see spooky szn in 5 years? I’m not sure, it’s always been more of a lifestyle for me, but I do think it can get overwhelming for others so maybe it will slow down throughout the masses in the next 5 years or so.

There must be some psychological reason for the Halloween/horror obsession. Do you think it comes from wonder, fear, or are we actually all just a little psycho? I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, it has always been admiration. My love for Halloween/horror started very young. I always knew that horror movies and costumes were fake but I remember being so enamored over how someone could create something so scary but make it so fun to watch.

Where does your fascination with Halloween come from? Have you had this love for it since you were a child? Yes, for as long as I can remember. My parents weren’t really big on it and my sisters never got bit by the Halloween bug either. If I had to guess i would say it was probably because all the scary movies and goosebumps tapes I started watching as a little ghoul. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus were always on repeat too. I couldn’t get enough of it and no one could really understand why, it just made me happy.

If you had to dress up in character on your wedding day, what would you be? A very chic sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I suppose Emily from Corpse Bride would be more appropriate but I’ve always felt so connected to Sally’s character.

You celebrate Halloween as if it’s almost your birthday. We love it. You have “half-o-ween” to “pre spooky season”, and tons more. What does your outside-of-Halloween holiday calendar look like? It’s definitely more of a lifestyle for me so it ends up being incorporated into a lot of what I do all year round. For example, we like to decorate our Christmas tree to look like it came straight out of Halloweentown and in the summer I lay out in coffin shaped floaties and wear striped bikinis.

Did you ever see this as a career in your horizon, or would you be doing something completely different if it wasn’t for makeup and the internet? Not exactly! I always knew i was meant for a creative field like fashion design, but I never imagined the internet would take on the life that it has. I got a degree from FIDM at the time I was casually posting makeup and outfit photos on Instagram and it just spiraled into what it is today. I couldn’t be more thankful for my job and the people that follow me. 

What are your favorite products you’ve bought this Halloween that you’ll end up using throughout the year?

This time of year is when I go decor shopping so what most people consider “Halloween decorations” I consider home decor! My favorite thing is a replica of the Nightmare Before Christmas’ clock from Halloweentown Square.

Rapid Fire

  • Go to spooky szn movies? This list could go on forever but my favs are Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, hocus pocus, the craft, scream, monster house, Paranorman and Frankenweenie.

  • Top 3 fav Halloween activities? Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Disneyland to see the Mickey pumpkin and Knotts Scary Farm because I can’t get enough screams.

  • Cute, sexy or scary costumes? All of the above. I feel cutest when I’m covered in fake blood which typically seems to scare everyone else.

  • Favorite candy? Anything chocolate!

  • Top 3 favorite makeup/costume ideas from this year? Everyone seems to be super into all the classic horror films this year so I’d say bride of Frankenstein, Carrie and Pinhead from Hellraiser.

What are your fav Freck product(s) and why? Freck OG, I am always down for a fake freckle moment especially when I’ve missed out on sleep and need help concealing my dark circles. I just pop some freck on my under eye bags and voila she’s fresh and freckly! 


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