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What tf is "Vacation Skin"?

So, to jog your memory real quick, we all used to do this thing where we would pack bags, take some sort of transportation, and then spend an extended period of time enjoying said place. Vacation. It was called vacation.

There was lots to love about vacation: beaches, not living like a hermit, and having nothing to do all day except to enjoy yourself. Maybe the most underrated part of vacation was how elated & rested we looked when we returned. You’d look in the mirror and think, “I might be the glowiest person on Earth? ” Evenly bronzed, the highs of your cheeks sun-kissed and rosy. Maybe some nice lil freckles would have started to make an appearance. Yeah, it would eventually fade, but those four or five prime post-vacation-glow days were truly great.

As it turns out, you’ve come up with a name for it: Vacation Skin.

We’ve heard you on TikTok (and all over the internet, frankly). “Freck Beauty makes products that give you Vacation Skin.” And we’re here to dive into what makes a look truly Vacation Worthy.

To put it simply, Vacation Skin is dewy, plump, bronzed skin, deep rosy cheeks, freckles everywhere, and the worthy TikToks.
We’re here to give you the cheat sheet. Whether you are heading OOO & want to wait for your glow, or if you’re staycationing in place, here’s how to get the look.


1. The first step is getting your skin to a very happy place. That means RICH BITCH. It’s pretty perfect for taking quarantine skin from sad, parched, and dull to calm, juicy, and thriving. Either use RICH BITCH as an every-day moisturizer or slather and leave for 10 minutes for an extreme hydration mask. 

@heatherraebang in RICH BITCH

2. Next, this is a crucial step to Vacation Skin, CHEEKSLIME is gonna go ahead and stand in for the sun. Feel free to go heavy with it and don’t feel like it can only go on your cheeks -- a little on your lids and temples will get your summer skin shining.

@tamika_fawcett in CHEEKSLIME

3. Last Up? FRECKLES. We encourage going crazy here. Throw them anywhere and copy/paste them all over for the Vacation Skin glow, minus the sun damage.

@aiden_perez in FRECK OG

And that’s it, you’re done.
You basically just went on a two-week vacation. Hope you sent us a postcard.

We’ll be back with part ii of our investigation and more critical summer preparedness tips, but until then, enjoy pretending like you went somewhere <3

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