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Hygge-ing Your Skincare Routine


It's pronounced "hyoo-guh" 

Nice to meet you, I'm Rachel. Growing up in the midwest fueled my love for cosmetics & skincare. Say "no" to cow tipping and "yes" to spa nights in with friends. I certified my love by becoming a Licensed Esthetician. I guess you could say “I put a ring on it”. All jokes aside, I also enjoy looking at plants, getting tattoos, wearing all black and being your basic dog mom.

So, why are we talking about Hygge? If the last year hasn’t tuned you in, it seems everyone is obsessed with the idea of minimizing, decluttering, and everything sparking joy. Hygge is the Marie Kando of Scandinavian living. That sense of well being, simplicity and coziness is the vibe everyone is wanting. So what does this have to do with Skincare…well light a candle, snuggle with a cozy blanket and start asking your skincare products if they bring you joy?

Image credits Pinterest, Pinterest, Morgan Harper Nichols, Elle Interieur

A few months ago, what started as a joke between my husband and me, made me realize just how deep down the Sephora rabbit hole I had gone with my skincare. After an HOUR of my nightly skincare routine, I’d emerge a clean-toned facial masked serum laden 3 moisturizers later goddess. The reality is that I had an arsenal of products that weren’t cutting it. I needed to step back, hide my wallet and spark joy in my skincare routine.

What are the essential skincare steps? Wash. Tone. Moisturize. Three easy steps day and night, basic non-negotiables that even the busiest babes can stay consistent with. That’s all you really need, but to maximize my routine I boiled it down to 5 pieces that make a huge impact on skin texture, glowy-ness, and overall health.  

Image Credits Youth To The People | Pinterest

If anything about living in LA has taught me, there's nothing a superfood won't fix (hello $24 super juices). The Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser is just that. We are exposed to so many germs, pollutants & makeup- it’s awesome to come home and superfood your face. It’s deep cleaning without stripping and perfect for all skin types. With cold-pressed kale, spinach and green tea to reinvigorate the skin. Take that Pressed Juicery.  Each of these key ingredients works to provide an anti-inflammatory response with vitamins C, E and K while cooling and moisturizing the skin.

Image Credits Fab Fit Fun | Pinterest

For years I thought eye cream was just marketing BS. A moisturizer just for your eyes? It wasn’t until I started caring about my skin I realized just how important it is. The skin around your eyes is much more delicate than the rest of your face. Often where we see the first signs of aging. I love So Jelly because of the combination of the Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Olive fruit oil. Prickly Pear Seed Oil is known to be jammed packed with vitamin E and is high in antioxidants. Olive Fruit Oil is a form of Squalene, which is super trendy now, to provide fatty acids. Since Cactus Flowers are used to extremely dry conditions, the extract prevents moisture loss and signs of aging.  The combination of all three help provides lasting moister and anti-aging benefits.

Image Credits @skyn.diary | Design Anthropology Mag

Toner is sometimes treated like the awkward uncle at parties. What do we do with him? Do we need to invite him? The answer is yes. What I love about Toner is that it refreshes the skin after cleansing by balancing the skin, removes anything leftover and feels oh-so-good. The Cactus Water toner has lactic acid that gently removes dead skin cells and evens tone. The Cactus Flower Extract helps plump and hydrate in even in the driest of areas. Also,  I’m bad and boujee for Kelp extract which has over 75 vitamins and minerals boosting reported healing properties.

Image Credits Ole HendriksenCool Machine Shop

Vitamin C serums are honestly my desert island holy grail product. They provide powerful antioxidants while neutralizing the free radicals we are exposed to every single day. Those free radicals are the biggest cause of aging. Most Vitamin C serums also help visibly brighten and firm the skin.  I love the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum because I can see a difference when I use it and smells amazing.

Image Credits SuperGoopTessa Neustadt

To cap it, finding a moisturizer is of the utmost importance. Every skin type needs to moisturize. I repeat “EVERY SKIN TYPE NEEDS A MOISTURIZER”. I see you oily skin, thinking I’m lying. Skin needs hydration and without it, your skin can act out. It can become dry, imbalanced or oily. As a normal-dry skin person, I love to use the SuperGoop SuperScreen Sunscreen during the day. It not only protects against UVA/UVB but also blue light damage from phones and computers to radiation and pollution. At night, I’ll go for something richer for extra hydration like Rich Bitch.

Paring down your skincare routine doesn’t mean you’ve given up on your skin. Laser focusing is key.  Skincare is pretty simple but our needs are often driven around hype and FOMO. The Hygge skincare practice curates a collection that makes you feel body-positive, beautiful, vibrant and content. Your skincare routine should be your morning breath in and your nighttime breath out.

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